Zero 2 Cloud

2nd October 2015

Q&A with our Infrastructure Specialist who attended the training day “Zero 2 Cloud” by the Azure Coach.

Why do you think the cloud is important to your future business?

As technologies advance and systems require larger scale systems on demand, while maintaining high availability & at a lower cost. Virtualisation of systems and Cloud is important to meet these everyday high demands for faster and more advanced systems. There are many variations of Cloud and its often miss interrupted as an indestructible 100% bullet proof way forward. Azure is a good example of a real cloud which can meet high demand without the vulnerabilities of security & performance issues other smaller scale cloud solutions might offer. The concept of a cloud is removing some or all of the elements of hosting your own data centre solution on premise and moving the risk to another provider to provide a highly available and easily scalable system.

Which features of Azure did you find the most interesting?

Hosting, Backups, Active directory integration, ADFS, Performance, Availability & Cost

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